Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Reports on what personal data means to the financial sector

High levels of interest: How your data could transform personal finance

We rely less and less on the paper and metal of physical money in this age of contactless payments and online transfers — which makes our...

Insurance will be a risky business for those who don’t innovate

  Insurance is a tough business to love from a customer point of view. It’s all about spending money on something from which we’d rather...

Regulation + innovation = a better deal for bank customers

Do you love your bank? Does it give you value for money and great customer service? Is it the cornerstone of your financial life...

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Personal Data Week logo

Big Apple, bigger ambitions: A Personal Data Week wrap-up

The dust has settled after the first ever Personal Data Week in New York, but the organisers have done anything but take their foot...
The Hub of All Things – or HAT – logo

Wherever I lay my HAT

The Hub of All Things (HAT) is on a mission to create a better internet that is better for people and businesses by putting... is working to deliver patient centricity by giving health data to the individual

Patients will be rewarded

One of the biggest challenges across the whole health ecosystem is accessing data. Whether for today’s direct care or unlocking tomorrow’s healthcare innovation, timely...
Time for digital marketing to invite consumers to the party

Time for digital marketing to invite consumers to the party

George Pappachen is an executive who has worked on both sides of the consumer privacy relationship. He was the first Global Chief Privacy Officer...
The Bid/r app lets brands bid for your attention

Paying attention

There’s booming market for apps that let you share your data in return for direct reward and even cash. Bid/r is a bit different...