A simple shift in ownership and control of personal data lies at the heart of the Internet of Me. When we hold all our data it can show us a complete picture of our online lives. With this comes greater insight but also the opportunity to make our data do more for us. We have created a simple and beautiful infographic to visualise how it works.

Our personal information is scattered across many online accounts and services.

The data others hold on us is, by nature, incomplete as well as often inaccurate and out of date.

This low-grade data is harvested and traded by businesses for their economic gain despite its shortcomings.

When we own and control our personal data it creates a complete picture of ourselves.

We gain immediate value from having our data aggregated in one place and offering us new levels of insight.

Owning our own data means we can keep it secure and take responsibility for protecting our privacy.

We can share this richer data in return for personalised services and products.

The value exchange of our data for convenience, service or reward is mutually beneficial.

Tailored services and experiences build trust and loyalty between consumers and businesses.

This is the Internet of Me.